Marcio Fabricio Nunciaroni

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Coach, lecturer, entrepreneur, writer, skipper and founder of the NGO Sailing.

Carlos E Pelosi

Business Management Consultant and Executive Coach

"Marcio is part of the new generation of world leaders. It is the servant leadership, with cause and purpose, with a sense of urgency and genuine compassion for the other." (Carlos E Pelosi, Business Management Consultant and Executive Coach)

Adriel Moreira Barbosa

Professor in UNIGRAN University

"Since 2006 I have witnessed his extraordinary talent and abilities at his work, coaching people in several regions of Brazil, Europe, Central America, North America and Africa. To say that I am impressed doesn’t suffice and to be able to walk alongside him is a privilege all of its own. I am deeply thankful for his allowing me to share my expertise with those that he trains. I hope that my participation in his work continues for a long time." Adriel Moreira Barbosa is a Professor in UNIGRAN University.

Jaqueline Massagardi

Professor in University of Campo Limpo Paulista

He has a broad vision of business and human needs, acquired through several years of experience, and also because he has trained people in different countries. He acquired a multifocal view regarding the need for trade and personnel. Through the study of the behavioral profile of the person, Mr. Nunciaroni, identifies which area this person will be best fit for and consequently will perform his best work. (Jaqueline Massagardi is a Professor in University of Campo Limpo Paulista).

Adriano Melchert

International Executive Director, SKF Sweden

Mr. Marcio Fabricio Nunciaroni trained me, demonstrating dedication and persistence. After my 5th session with Mr. Marcio he show me the way that I could achieve the dream of my life that was work in the most important SKF worldwide site in Sweden. Using the method that was created by himself named Global Method, Marcio empowered and guide me to be able to achieve the most important promotion in my career. The turning point for me was the technique of self-knowledge that Marcio created in the Global Method and applied in my case. That was crucial to develop my self confidence. ( Adriano Melchert is International Executive Director, SKF Sweden.)